Conference Organization

Short Name Place Dates Web
PSD2022 Privacy in Statistical Databases 2022 ParísFrance 23/09/2022to25/09/2022
PSD2020 Privacy in Statistical Databases 2020 ArezzoItaly 23/09/2020to25/09/2020
PSD2018 Privacy in Statistical Databases 2018 ValènciaSpain 26/09/2018to28/09/2018
ICDM 2016 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining BarcelonaCatalonia 13/12/2016to15/12/2016
PSD2016 Privacy in Statistical Databases 2016 DubrovnikCroatia 14/09/2016to16/09/2016
PSD2014 Privacy in Statistical Databases 2014 EivissaSpain 17/09/2014to19/09/2014
PST 2013 International Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust TarragonaCatalonia 10/07/2013to12/07/2013
PSD 2012 Privacy in Statistical Databases 2012 PalermoItaly 26/09/2012to28/09/2012
Work Session on Statistical Data Confidentiality TarragonaCatalonia 26/10/2011to28/10/2011
PSD 2010 Privacy in Statistical Databases 2010 CorfuGreece 22/09/2010to24/09/2010
RECSI XI Reunión Española sobre la criptología y la seguridad de la información TarragonaCatalonia 07/09/2010to10/09/2010
AAECC-18 18th Symposium on Applied algebra, Algebraic algorithms and Error Correcting Codes TarragonaCatalonia 08/06/2009to12/06/2009
PSD 2008 Privacy in Statistical Databases 2008 IstanbulTurkey 24/09/2008to26/09/2008
PSD 2006 Privacy in Statistical Databases 2006 RomeItaly 13/12/2006to15/12/2006
CARDIS 2006 Seventh Smart Card Research and Advanced Application TarragonaCatalonia 19/04/2006to21/04/2006
ITNG 2006 Third International Conference on Information Technology : New Generations Las VegasUSA 10/04/2006to12/04/2006
MDAI 2006 Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence 2006 TarragonaCatalonia 03/04/2006to05/04/2006
ITCC 2005 International Conference on Information Technology, Coding and Computing 2005 Las VegasUSA 11/04/2005to13/04/2005
PSD 2004 Privacy in Statistical Databases 2004 BarcelonaCatalonia 09/06/2004to11/06/2004
CARDIS 2000 Fourth Smart Card Research and Advanced Application BristolUK 20/09/2000to22/09/2000
SDP 98 Statistical Data Protection '98 LisbonPortugal 25/03/1998to27/03/1998