Security and privacy have worried mankind since time immemorial. Throughout history, various strategies, tools and techniques have been designed and implemented to deal with spies and enemies. In the early days of computing and Computer Engineering, Professor Lance Hoffman stressed the importance of ensuring security in all matters relating to the computer to ensure its success. Thus, a large community of scientists and engineers has been working to provide security to the technologies underpinning Information Society. Moreover, the emergence of Social Internet makes it necessary for security and cryptography experts to develop systems that protect users of Information Technologies and Communications from a malicious Big Brother.

The Spanish Meeting on Cryptology and Information Security (RECSI) is the Spanish reference scientific conference in the field of Security in Information Technology. In September 2010, its eleventh edition will take place in Tarragona. Previous editions were held in Palma de Mallorca (1991), Madrid (1992), Barcelona (1994), Valladolid (1996), Torremolinos (1998), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2000), Oviedo (2002), Leganés (2004), Barcelona (2006) and Salamanca (2008).