Paris, France. September 21-23, 2022


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Wednesday, 21 September

08h30 Registration
09h15 Opening Session: William E. Winkler in memoriam
Session: Privacy Models. Session Chair: Krish Muralidhar
09h40 "Privacy Analysis with a Distributed Transition System and a data-wise metric", Siva Anantharaman, Sabine Frittella and Benjamin Nguyen
10h05 "Multivariate Mean Comparison under Differential Privacy", Martin Dunsche, Tim Kutta and Holger Dette
10h30 "a,m-warden: A syntactic privacy notion for continuous data publishing against probabilistic attacks", Adrian Tobar Nicolau, Javier Parra Arnau and Jordi Forné *
10h45 BREAK
11h05 "Asking The Proper Question: Adjusting Queries To Statistical Procedures Under Differential Privacy", Tomer Shoham and Yosef Rinott
11h30 "Towards integrally private clustering: overlapping clusters for high privacy guarantees", Vicenç Torra
Session: Machine learning and privacy. Session Chair: Maryline Laurent
11h55 "Membership Inference Attack Against Principal Component Analysis", Oualid Zari, Javier Parra-Arnau, Ayşe Ünsal, Thorsten Strufe and Melek Önen
12h20 "When Machine Learning Models Leak: An Exploration of Synthetic Training Data", Manel Slokom, Peter-Paul de Wolf and Martha Larson
Session: Case studies I. Session Chair: Bradley Malin
14h45 "A Note on the Misinterpretation of the US Census Re-identification Attack", Paul Francis
15h10 "A Re-examination of the Census Bureau Reconstruction and Reidentification Attack", Krish Muralidhar
15h35 "Quality Assessment of the 2014 to 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) Public Use Files", Neeraja Sathe, Feng Yu, Lanting Dai, Devon Cribb, Kathryn Spagnola, Ana Saravia, Rong Cai and Jennifer Hoenig
16h00 "Privacy in Practice: Latest Achievements of the Eustat SDC Group", Marina Ayestaran, Marta Mas and Ana Miranda
16h25 BREAK
Session: Microdata protection. Session Chair: Benjamin Nguyen
16h45 "An optimization-based decomposition heuristic for the microaggregation problem", Jordi Castro, Claudio Gentile and Enric Spagnolo-Arrizabalaga
17h10 "Optimising Twin Uniform Distribution for Multiplicative Noise Data Masking", Pauline O'Shaughnessy, Harrison Rowles, John Brackenbury and Yan-Xia Lin * (video)
17h25 "Optimization of Outlier Protection for Different Subpopulations in Multivariate Datasets", Anna Oganian, Mehtab Iqbal and Goran Lesaja *
17h40 "Joint secondary anonymization of categorical and numerical variables in sensitive time-series microdata", Eugenia Koblents Lapteva and Alberto Lorenzo Megía *

Thursday, 22 September

Session: Disclosure risk assessment and record linkage. Session Chair: Vicenç Torra
09h00 "The risk of disclosure when reporting commonly used univariate statistics", Ben Derrick, Elizabeth Green, Felix Ritchie and Paul White
09h25 "Hausdorff Distance: A Powerful Tool for Matching Households and Individuals in Historical Censuses", Thais Pacheco Menezes, Michael Fop and Thomas Brendan Murphy *
09h40 "Measuring reidentification risk in (pseudo)anonymized datasets: the QaR method and software", Michel Bera, Kimon Spiliopoulos, Antonis Spinakis and Photis Stavropoulos *
Session: Unstructured and mobility data. Session Chair: Peter-Paul de Wolf
09h55 "Automatic evaluation of disclosure risks of text anonymization methods", Benet Manzanares-Salor, David Sanchez and Pierre Lison
10h20 "Generation of Synthetic Trajectory Microdata from Language Models", Alberto Blanco-Justicia, Najeeb Moharram Jebreel, Jesús A. Manjón and Josep Domingo-Ferrer
10h45 BREAK
Session: Synthetic data I. Session Chair: Mark Elliot
11h05 "Synthetic Individual Income Tax Data: Methodology, Utility, and Privacy Implications", Claire Bowen, Victoria Bryant, Leonard Burman, John Czajka, Surachai Khitatrakun, Graham MacDonald, Robert McClelland, Livia Mucciolo, Madeline Pickens, Kyle Ueyama, Aaron Williams, Doug Wissoker and Noah Zwiefel
11h30 "On integrating the number of synthetic data sets m into the a priori synthesis approach", James Jackson, Robin Mitra, Brian Francis and Iain Dove
11h55 "Challenges in Measuring Utility for Fully Synthetic Data", Jörg Drechsler
12h20 "Utility Assessment of Synthetic Data Generation Methods", Md Sakib Nizam Khan, Niklas Reje and Sonja Buchegger *
Session: Synthetic data II. Session Chair: Joerg Drechsler
14h35 "Comparing the Utility and Disclosure Risk of Synthetic Data with Samples of Microdata", Claire Little, Mark Elliot and Richard Allmendinger
15h00 "Utility and Disclosure Risk for Differentially Private Synthetic Categorical Data", Gillian Raab
15h25 "Generative Modeling of Complex Data", Nicolas Grislain, Luca Canale and Johan Leduc *
16h10 Guide visit to the Musée des arts et métiers
19h30 Gala Dinner at restaurant Les Jardins Contini

Friday, 23 September

Session: Tabular data. Session Chair: Samia Bouzefrane
09h00 "Perspectives for Tabular Data Protection – How About Synthetic Data?", Felix Geyer, Reinhard Tent, Michel Reiffert and Sarah Giessing
09h25 "On Privacy of Multidimensional Data Against Aggregate Knowledge Attacks", Ala Eddine Laouir and Abdessamad Imine
09h50 "Synthetic Decimal Numbers as a Flexible Tool for Suppression of Post-published Tabular Data", Øyvind Langsrud and Hege Marie Bøvelstad
Session: Case studies II. Session Chair: Sarah Giessing
10h15 "How Adversarial Assumptions Influence Re- identification Risk Measures: A COVID-19 Case Study", Xinmeng Zhang, Zhiyu Wan, Chao Yan, Thomas Brown, Weiyi Xia, Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis, Murat Kantarcioglu and Bradley Malin
10h40 "Privacy Protection for Youth Risk Behavior Using Bayesian Data Synthesis: A Case Study to the YRBS", Yixiao Cao and Jingchen Hu * (video)
10h55 BREAK
Session: Privacy-Preserving Protocols. Session Chair: Anna Oganyan
11h15 "Tit-for-Tat Disclosure of a Binding Sequence of User Analyses in Safe Data Access Centers", Josep Domingo-Ferrer
11h40 "Secure and non-interactive k-NN classifier using symmetric fully homomorphic encryption", Yulliwas Ameur, Rezak Aziz, Vincent Audigier and Samia Bouzefrane
12h05 "Anonymisation and Fingerprinting of Microdata: A Genetic Algorithm for Finding the Optimal Set for Data Distribution", Tanja Šarčević and Rudolf Mayer *
12h20 "Anonymized data collection on platform workers", Joris Duguépéroux, Gaspard Defréville, Lucas Verney and Nicolas Deffieux *
12h35 Closing remarks


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