Tarragona, Catalonia. September 23-25, 2020


Wednesday, 23 September

12h00 12h00 Opening Session
Session: Microdata protection I
12h10 12h10 "An Analysis of Different Notions of Effectiveness in k-Anonymity". Tanja Šarčević, David Molnar  and Rudolf Mayer
12h35 20h35 "On Masking and Releasing Smart Meter Data at Micro-level: the Multiplicative Noise Approach". John Brackenbury, Pauline O'Shaughnessy and Yan-Xia Lin *
12h50 20h50 "Protecting Extreme Values in Business Data under Multiplicative Noise Masking Scheme". Yue Ma, Yanxia Lin and Edwin Lu *
Session: Data quality
13h05 13h05 "Evaluating Quality of Statistical Disclosure Control Methods – VIOLAS Framework". Olga Dzięgielewska
13h30 13h30 "Detecting Bad Answers in Survey Data through Unsupervised Machine Learning". Najeeb Moharram Jebreel, Rami Haffar, Ashneet Khandpur Singh, David Sánchez, Josep Domingo-Ferrer and Alberto Blanco-Justicia
13h55 13h55 LUNCH BREAK
Session: Microdata protection II
15h55 9h55 "Analysis of differentially-private microdata using SIMEX". Anne-Sophie Charest and Leila Nombo
16h20 10h20 "Multivariate Top-Coding for Statistical Disclosure Limitation". Anna Oganian, Ionut Iacob and Goran Lesaja
16h45 10h45 "Special Uniques: A Simulation Study". Ann-Sophie Charest and Mark Elliot *
Session: Synthetic Data I
17h00 16h00 "Integrating Differential Privacy in the Statistical Disclosure Control Tool-kit for Synthetic Data Production". Natalie Shlomo
17h25 17h25 "Partially Synthetic Data for Recommender Systems: Prediction Performance and Preference Hiding". Manel Slokom, Martha Larson and Alan Hanjalic *
17h40 17h40 BREAK
Session: Synthetic Data II
18h00 12h00 "Advantages of Imputation vs. Data Swapping for Statistical Disclosure Control". Satkartar Kinney, Charlotte Looby and Feng Yu
18h25 12h25 "A Synthetic Supplemental Public Use File of Low-Income Information Return Data: Methodology, Utility, and Privacy Implications". Claire Bowen, Victoria Bryant, Leonard Burman, Surachai Khitatrakun, Robert McClelland, Philip Stallworth, Kyle Ueyama and Aaron Williams
18h50 12h50 "Two-Phase Data Synthesis for Income: An Application to the NHIS". Kevin Ros, Henrik Olsson and Jingchen Hu *
19h05 13h05 "A Closer Look at the CAP Risk Measure for Synthetic Datasets". Anne-Sophie Charest and Mathieu Baillargeon *

Thursday, 24 September

Session: Protection of interactive and mobility databases
12h00 13h00 "Privacy Analysis of Query-Set-Size Control". Eyal Nussbaum and Michael Segal
12h25 12h25 "Statistical Disclosure Control when Publishing on Thematic Maps". Douwe Hut, Jasper Goseling, Marie-Colette van Lieshout, Peter-Paul de Wolf and Edwin de Jonge
Session: Re-identification I
12h50 19h50 "Re-identification Risk of Long-term Records Aggregated for Pseudonyms". Hiroaki Kikuchi *
13h05 13h05 "Secure Matrix Computation: A Viable Alternative to Record Linkage?". Jörg Drechsler and Benjamin Klein
13h30 12h30 "Recognising re-identification attacks on databases, by interpreting them as SQL queries: A technical study". Olabayo Ishola, Eerke Boiten, Aladdin Ayesh and Adham Albakri *
13h45 13h45 LUNCH BREAK
Session: Re-identification II
15h45 9h45 "Bayesian Modeling for Simultaneous Regression and Record Linkage". Jiurui Tang, Jerome Reiter and Rebecca C. Steorts
16h10 10h10 "Probabilistic Blocking and Distributed Bayesian Entity Resolution". Ted Enamorado and Rebecca C. Steorts
Session: Privacy Models I
16h35 16h35 "P(α,β)-privacy: a composable formulation of privacy guarantees for data publishing based on permutation". Nicolas Ruiz
17h00 17h00 "Explaining recurrent machine learning models: integral privacy revisited". Vicenç Torra, Guillermo Navarro-Arribas and Edgar Galvan
17h25 16h25 "A Bayesian Nonparametric approach to Differentially Private data". Marco Battiston, Fadhel Ayed and Giuseppe Di Benedetto
17h50 17h50 BREAK
Session: Privacy Models II
18h10 12h10 "A Partitioned Recoding Scheme for Privacy Preserving Data Publishing". Chris Clifton, Eric Hanson, Keith Merrill, Shawn Merrill and Amjad Zahraa
18h35 12h35 "Utility-Enhancing Flexible Mechanisms for Differential Privacy". Vaikkunth Mugunthan, Wanyi Xiao and Lalana Kagal
19h00 13h00 "The Exploration of 'Identifiability' Through the Definition and Examination of Statistical Disclosure Methods". Devyani Biswal, Luk Arbuckle and Rafal Kulik *
19h15 12h15 "ε-Differential Privacy for Microdata Releases Does not Guarantee Confidentiality (Let Alone Utility)". Krish Muralidhar, Josep Domingo-Ferrer and Sergio Martínez
19h40 10h40 "Plausible Deniability". David Sidi and Jane Bambauer

Friday, 25 September

Session: Case studies
14h00 21h00 "Differential Privacy and its Applicability for Official Statistics in Japan – A Comparative Study Using Small Area Data from the Japanese Population Census". Shinsuke Ito, Takayuki Miura, Hiroto Akatsuka and Masayuki Terada
14h25 8h25 "Private Posterior Inference Consistent with Public Information: a Case Study in Small Area Estimation from Synthetic Census Data". Jeremy Seeman, Aleksandra Slavkovic and Matthew Reimherr
14h50 7h50 "Disclosure Avoidance in the Census Bureau's 2010 Demonstration Data Product". David Van Riper, Tracy Kugler and Steven Ruggles
Session: Protection of statistical tables
15h15 15h15 "Calculation of Risk Probabilities for the Cell Key Method". Tobias Enderle, Sarah Giessing and Reinhard Tent
15h40 9h40 "On Different Formulations of Continuous CTA Model". Goran Lesaja, Ionut Iacob and Anna Oganian
16h05 16h05 Clossing Session

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