PSD'2006 ROME, ITALY, DEC. 13-15, 2006 ROME, ITALY, DEC. 13-15, 2006



Wednesday 13 December

8:30 - Registration
9:30 - Opening Session.

Methods for Tabular Protection I (Chair: Anco Hundepool)

10:00 - A Method for Preserving Statistical Distributions Subject to Controlled Tabular Adjustment. Lawrence H. Cox, Jean G. Orelien and Babubhai V. Shah.
10:20 - Questions
10:25 - Automatic Structure Detection in Constraints of Tabular Data. Jordi Castro and Daniel Baena
10:45 - Questions

10.50 Coffe Break

Methods for Tabular Protection II (Chair: Anco Hundepool)

11:10 - A Generalized Negative Binomial Smoothing Model for Sample Disclosure Risk Estimation. Yosef Rinott and Natalie Shlomo
11:30 - Questions
11:35 - Harmonizing Table Protection: Results of a Study. Sarah Giessing and Stefan Dittrich
11:55 - Questions
12:00 - Calibration estimator for magnitude tabular data protection. Daniela Ichim and Luisa Franconi

12:10 - Lunch

Methods for Microdata Protection I (Chair: John M. Abowd)

14:00- Optimal Multivariate 2-Microaggregation for Microdata Protection: A 2-Approximation. Josep Domingo-Ferrer and Francesc Sebé
14:20 - Questions
14:25 - Using the Jackknife Method to Produce Safe Plots of Microdata. Jobst Heitzig
14:45 - Questions
14:50 - Combining Blanking and Noise Addition as a Data Disclosure Limitation Method. Anton Flossmann and Sandra Lechner
15:10 -Questions
15:15 - Why Swap when you can Shuffle? A Comparison of the Proximity Swap and Data Shuffle for Numeric Data. Krish Muralidhar, Rathindra Sarathy and Ramesh Dandekar
15:35 – Questions

15:40 – Coffee break

Methods for Microdata Protection II (Chair: Jane Longhurst)

16:00 - Adjusting SurveyWeights When Altering Identifying Design Variables Via Synthetic Data. Robin Mitra and Jerome P. Reiter
16:20 - Questions
16:25 - Combinations of SDC Methods for Microdata Protection. Anna Oganian and Alan F. Karr
16:45 - Questions
16:50 - A Fixed Structure Learning Automaton Micro-Aggregation Technique for Secure
Statistical Databases. Ebaa Fayyoumi and B. John Oommen
17:10 - Questions
17:15 - Review of PRAM from the Samplers’ and Data Users’ Perspective. Jay J. Kim
17:25 - A new Approach for Disclosure Control in the IAB Establishment Panel – Multiple Imputation for a Better Data Access. Stefan Bender, Jörg Drechsler , Agnes Dundler, Susanne Rässler , Thomas Zwick

Thursday 14 December

Utility and Risk in Microdata Protection (Chair: Silvia Polettini)

9:00 - Risk, Utility and PRAM. Peter-Paul de Wolf
9:20 - Questions
9:25 - Distance Based Re-Identification for Time Series: Analysis of Distances. Jordi Nin and Vicenç Torra
9:45 - Questions
9:50 - Beyond k-Anonymity: A Decision Theoretic Framework for Assessing Privacy
Risk. Guy Lebanon, Monica Scannapieco, Mohamed R. Fouad and Elisa Bertino
10:10 - Questions
10:15 - Using Mahalanobis Distance-Based Record Linkage for Disclosure Risk Assessment. Vicenç Torra, John M. Abowd and Josep Domingo-Ferrer
10:35 – Questions

10:40 - Coffee break

Utility and Risk in Microdata Protection II (Chair: Ramesh Dandekar)

11:00 - Improving Individual Risk Estimators. Loredana Di Consiglio and Silvia Polettini
11:20 – Questions
11:25 - Comparison of Methods for Estimating Disclosure Risk Measures for Microdata at the UK Office for National Statistics. Natalie Shlomo, Jeremy Barton
11:35 - Tackling the Combinatorial Explosiveness of the Special Uniques Search Problem using a Recursive Algorithm and a Distributed Search Infrastructure on a Grid. M. J. Elliot, K. R. Mayes, A. M. Manning, D. Haglin, J. R. Gurd
11:45 - Ideas for Record Linkage in a Secure Data Environment. Michael D. Larsen

12:00 - Lunch

Case Studies (Chair: Sylvie Ribaille)

14:00 - Measuring the Impact of Data Protection Techniques on Data Utility: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances. Arthur Kennickell and Julia Lane
14:20 - Questions
14:25 - Protecting the Confidentiality of Survey Tabular Data by Adding Noise to the Underlying Microdata: Application to the Commodity Flow Survey. Paul Massell, Laura Zayatz and Jeremy Funk
14:45 - Questions
14:50 - Italian Household Expenditure Survey: A Proposal for Data Dissemination Mario Trottini, Luisa Franconi and Silvia Polettini
15:10 - Questions
15:15 - Anonymisation of Linked Employer Employee Datasets. Theoretical Thoughts and an Application to the German Structure of Earnings Survey. Hans–Peter Hafner, Rainer Lenz
15:25 - The Identifiability of Pharmaceutical Data: A Test of the Statistical Alternative to HIPAA’s Safe Harbor. Michael A. Stoto
15:35 - Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice: Experiences from Statistics Sweden in Applying SDC Methodology. Michael Carlson, Ingegerd Jansson, Helen Lindkvist


Friday 15 December

Utility and Risk in Tabular Protection (Chair: Sarah Giessing)

9:00 - Effects of Rounding on the Quality and Confidentiality of Tabular Data. Lawrence H. Cox and Jay J. Kim
9:20 - Questions
9:25 - Disclosure Analysis for Two-Way Contingency Tables. Haibing Lu, Yingjiu Li and Xintao Wu
9:45 - Questions
9:50 - Statistical Disclosure Control Methods Through a Risk-Utility Framework. Natalie Shlomo and Caroline Young
10:10 - Questions
10:15 - Entry Uniqueness in Margined Tables. Shmuel Onn
10:35 - Questions
10:40 - A New Approach to Round Tabular Data. Juan José Salazar González
11:00 - Questions

11:05 - Coffee Break

Protocols for Private Computation (chair: Juan José Salazar-Gonzalez)

11:25 - Single-Database Private Information Retrieval Schemes : Overview, Performance
Study, and Usage with Statistical Databases. Carlos Aguilar-Melchor and Yves Deswarte
11:45 - Questions
11:50 - Privacy-Preserving Data Set Union. Alberto M. Segre, Andrew Wildenberg, Veronica Vieland and Ying Zhang
12:10 - Questions
12:15 - “Secure” Log-Linear and Logistic Regression Analysis of Distributed Databases. Aleksandra B. Slavkovic, Stephen E. Fienberg, William J. Fulp and Tracey A. Wrobel
12:35 - Questions

12:40 - Lunch

Software (chair: Lawrence Cox)

14:20 - The ARGUS Software in CENEX. Anco Hundepool
14:40 - Questions
14:45 - Software Development for SDC in R. Matthias Templ
15:05 – Questions
15:10 - On Secure E-Health Systems. Milan Markovic
15:30 - Questions
15:35 - IPUMS-International High Precision Population Census Microdata Samples: Balancing the Privacy-Quality Tradeoff by Means of Restricted Access Extracts. Robert McCaa, Steven Ruggles, Michael Davern, Tami Swenson and Krishna M. Palipudi
15:55 – Questions

16:00 – Closing remarks