1. Design of efficient anonymous fingerprinting methods that guarantee that only those users doing unlawful content redistribution lose their anonymity.

  2. Integration of anonymous fingerprinting and anonymous payment systems to enable global anonymity in the purchase of digital content.

  3. Development of watermarking methods for broadcast monitoring. Among the strategies planned toward this objective is the use of the re-identification methods to be developed by IF-PAD/CSIC in subproject DBPRIVACY to check whether a digital content matches a broadcast content. (the latter can be a perturbed, cropped or manipulated version of the former).


  • Dr. Jordi Herrera (PP, UOC), principal researcher (IP) of the subproject
  • Joan Arnedo (PP, UOC)
  • Dr. David Megías (PP, UOC)
  • Josep Prieto (PP, UOC)
  • Helena Rifà (IN, SafeLayer)
  • Jordi Serra Ruiz (PP,UOC)
  • Alfons Valverde Ruiz (PS,Generalitat)