1. Design of synthetic data generation methods preserving certain relationships between the original data for a number of subdomains (subsets of variables and/or records).

  2. Application of the synthetic data generators to the use of synthetic log files in data warehouses.

  3. Design of re-identification methods (via record linkage) to assess the level of privacy provided by the synthetic data.

  4. Design of utility measures for the synthetic data with respect to the original data. This objective will be pursued in co-operation with CRISES/URV, who are experienced in the utility analysis of perturbed data.


  • Dr. Vicenc Torra (CT, IIIA-CSIC), principal researcher (IP) of the subproject
  • Dr. Javier Herranz Sotoca (JdC, IIIA-CSIC)
  • Dr. Yasuo Narukawa (IN, Waseda University, Japan)
  • Dra. Aïda Valls Mateu (TEU, URV)