The protection of sensitive data is a constant issue of concern for National Statistical Offices and Eurostat. The three International SEminars on Statistical Confidentiality held so far (Dublin 1992, Luxembourg 1994 and Bled 1996) and the Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC) project funded by EC 4th Framework Program were activities sponsored by Eurostat to promote research and encourage interaction between scientists and technicians.

Statistical Data Protection '98 is a conference devoted to the statistical, mathematical and computational aspects of statistical disclosure control and data protection. The goals of the conference are to promote exchange among practitioners and consolidate statistical data protection as a high-quality research discipline encompassing statistics, operations research and data security.

The Program Commitee accepted 29 regular papers and 4 short papers for presentation. The reviewing schedule was designed in order to each submitted paper to get at least two independent reviews. These pre-proceedings contain revised versions of the accepted papers and also three invited talks. After a second revision, a selection of presented papers will be published by IOS Press in an edited post-conference proceedings volume.

I am very grateful to the members  of the Program Commitee for generously spending their time on the difficult task of assessing the value of submitted papers. Also, John Ludley and Asterios Hatziparadissis from Eurostat provided valuable input when initially planning the conference. The help of the following referees and external experts in evaluating various papers is gratefully acknowledged: J.-R- Boudreau, Jordi Castro, Anco Hundepool, Josep M. Mateo-Sanz, Richard Penny, Dale Robertson and David Thorogood. I apologize for possible omissions.

Special thanks go to David Thorogood and Ronald Fyfe for their assistance in organizing SDP'98.
Finally, I would also like to thank all those who have submitted papers to SDP'98, and especially the authors of accepted papers for their cooperation.

December 1997

Josep Domingo-Ferrer

SPD'98 Program Chairman

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