Subproject CO-PRIVACY/OSNPRIVACY, led by KISON/UOC, takes care of content privacy and content controlled distribution in social networks. Its specific objectives are:

  1. Model content privacy in social networks as a generally coprivate game involving privacy and functionality, thereby ensuring rational cooperation between peer users in collaborating in each other’s requests. Therefore, what must be aimed at is general coprivacy (maybe extended to a cooperative game) with a utility function combining privacy and functionality. For very specific functionalities of the OSN, secure multiparty computation may be an option guaranteeing maximum privacy to players.
  2. Design protocols for the protection of digital rights of content distributed over a social network (copyright, expiration dates). If such protocols can be made coprivate, all social network participants will be interested in enforcing the rights associated to the content, which will allow secure content distribution, content oblivion at a specified date, etc.
  3. Develop the cryptographic arsenal needed to provide gradual privacy in OSNs that can be traded off against functionality.


  • Dr. Joan Arnedo Moreno
  • Jordi Casas Roma
  • Marc Domingo
  • Dr. Mehdi Fallahpour
  • Dr. Joaquín García
  • Dr. Carles Garrigues
  • Dr. Jordi Herrera
  • Dr. David Megías, principal investigator (PI) of the subproject
  • Joan Melià Seguí
  • Dr. Josep Prieto Blázquez
  • Dra. Helena Rifà)
  • Jordi Serra Ruiz