ARES Final Plenary Meeting

Monestir de Poblet, Catalonia, May 20-21, 2013


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Invited Speakers


Monday, May 20th

13h30 Lunch
Workpackage 6: Field trial, technology transfer and dissemination
16h00 ARES & Tech transfer: past and future work Josep Mª Gastó
Workpackage 2: Ubiquitous Computing
16h15 Privacy and security in networks Klara Stokes (Linköping University, Sweden)
16h30 Securing Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks KISON/UOC
16h45 Security in Cognitive Radio Networks ISG/UPC
16h37 Secure and robust transport for infotainment services in vehicular networks ISG/UPC
16h52 Security schemes for RFID in user-centric ubiquitous environments and personal networks GSI/UMA
Workpackage 1: Critical Infrastructure Protection
17h00 Building Trust from Context Similarities GSI/UMA
17h07 Receiver-Location Privacy in the presence of Eavesdropping and Node Compromise GSI/UMA
17h15 Security and QS Tradeoffs GSI/UMA
17h22 Break
17h50 Life of a Privacy Analysis Engineer at Google Carmen Ruiz-Vicente, Google Inc., USA
Workpackage 3: Secure Electronic Commerce and Digital Content Distribution
18h20 Anonymous protocol evaluation using JXTA KISON/UOC
18h27 Audio and image watermarking and fingerprinting KISON/UOC
18h35 Certified E-Mail with Multiple Mail Transport Agents GIDET/UIB
18h42 Multicoupon systems and group signatures GIDET/UIB
18h50 Privacy in Transferable E-ticketing and Automatic Fare Collection Systems CRISES/URV & GIDET/UIB
18h57 Error-correcting codes for fingerprinting schemes ISG/UPC
19h05 Fountain Codes Marta Pujol
Workpackage 5: Technical- legal issues
19h12 Privacidad confiable en Videovigilancia CRISES/URV

Tuesday, May 21th

Workpackage 4: Data privacy technologies (I)
09h30 Enabling Collaborative Privacy in User-Generated Emergency Reports KISON/UOC
09h37 Privacy in Online Social Networks data structures KISON/UOC
09h45 The Pursuit of Citizens Privacy: A Privacy-Aware Smart City is Possible CRISES/URV
09h52 m-Carer: Privacy-aware Monitoring for People with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia CRISES/URV
10h00 Privacy preserving query log publishing CRISES/URV
10h07 Privacy in Web Search Engines CRISES/URV
10h15 Injecting Discrimination and Privacy Awareness Into Pattern Discovery CRISES/URV
10h27 Differential Privacy CRISES/URV
10h30 Break
Workpackage 4: Data privacy technologies (II)
11h00 Automatic document sanitization CRISES/URV
11h15 Some issues related to the anonymization of textual documents and their effect on information retrieval metrics IF-PAD/CSIC
11h22 Lightweight distributed authorization delegation IF-PAD/CSIC
11h30 Clustering-based categorical data protection IF-PAD/CSIC
11h37 Approximating graphical sequences IF-PAD/CSIC
11h45 Privacy, Cryptography, Mathematics... ISG/UPC
11h52 Remarks and Conclusions Steering Committee
13h30 Lunch

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